“Only expensive graphic design is good graphic design, right?”

Well, I tend to disagree. My philosophy is to deliver a product and service that works for my clients. My clients’ satisfaction is my priority. And since my overheads are absolutely minimal, I can offer fair and competitive prices.

What can I do for you?

  • Does your business card need a new look?
  • Do you need a brochure or sign to advertise your new product?
  • Are you ready to get your novel or autobiography published?
  • Do you need branding (logo/letterhead/signs) for your new or existing business?
  • Do you need a simple, functional website or website make-over?

I can help you with all of the above and much more:

Graphic design

  • advertisements
  • banners
  • books
  • book covers
  • booklets
  • brochures
  • business cards
  • business reports
  • calendars
  • catalogues
  • CD/DVD covers
  • flyers
  • greeting cards
  • instruction manuals
  • labels
  • letterheads
  • maps
  • packaging
  • rack cards
  • signs
  • stickers …

Other services

  • data editing
  • document editing/creation
  • English ↔ German translations
  • logo design
  • map drawing
  • photo editing
  • photography
  • proofreading
  • spreadsheet editing/creation
  • word processing …

Who is Skylark Design?

Hello, my name is Markus Baumann. For the last thirteen years I’ve been operating my own graphic design business from my home office in Nelson, New Zealand.

Why choose Skylark Design?

I treat my clients the way I like to be treated as a customer; firstly with respect. I aim to listen to you to establish what your requirements are, and how best to meet them with a product that’s best for you. I always do my best, as client satisfaction is very important to me.

Deal with one person

As a sole trader I wear the hats of the CEO, manager, supervisor, coordinator, planner, designer, bookkeeper, receptionist … Instead of dealing with a hierarchy of people you simply deal with one person to get your job done.

Straightforward communication

Honest, open and clear communication makes any working relationship operate smoothly. For example, if, for any reason, I am unable to do your job I will tell you first up. Likewise, should any problems occur along the way, I will inform you.

Fair and competitive pricing

I have years of professional experience in commercial publishing and photo editing, which makes my work efficient and cost-effective.


Friends and colleagues tell me I have an eye for detail. While this doesn’t mean I don’t ever make any mistakes, I do aim for 100% accuracy.

Up-to-date technology

The latest graphics software and up-to-date computer hardware provides you with confidence and security as up-to-the-minute trends and advances are applied to your work.

A convenient, secure, web-based file handling service means we exchange files quickly and easily. No more large emails that get bogged down in the system.

Design sans frontière

Thanks to the Internet, the product of my work can travel anywhere. Whether you are in Nelson, New Zealand, Alaska or Switzerland, digital files know no boundaries. You and I can meet in person, or communicate via phone, email or Skype.

One of my New Zealand clients once said: “When you were away in Switzerland, I got an even faster service from you: I could send you the brochure changes before I knocked off, and when I got back to work in the morning, the updated brochure file was ready for me.” Because of the different time zone, I worked while my client got his night’s sleep.

What do you get from me?

Digital files

In the majority of cases—whether it’s a brochure, logo, photo, sign, etc—you get digital files from me. Usually these are in PDF or JPEG format.

Generally I make the files (proofs as well as the final file) available through a secure file hosting provider. I send you a link that gives you private access to these files. For jobs that require printing, you may wish to forward that link to your printing service who can download and print the file for you.

Timely delivery

My goal is to complete your job within an agreed and realistic time-frame. Often jobs are urgent, in which case I will do my best to meet the deadline. If my workload cannot accommodate a job I will decline and tell you at the time of your estimate request.

Money-back guarantee

Should a job not come to any fruition and/or should you be dissatisfied with my work, I will not charge you for it. That’s a promise!

To find out more

Take a look at my design samples Ask me for an obligation-free estimate