About Skylark Design

Skylark Design was established in 2001 and is owned and operated by Markus Baumann.

What does Skylark Design do?

The majority of my business involves freelance graphic design, tailored to my clients’ requirements and specifications.

Graphic design

… advertisements, annual reports, banners, books, booklets, brochures, business cards, business reports, calendars, catalogues, event programmes, flyers, greeting cards, instruction manuals, labels, letterheads, maps, packaging, rack cards, signs, stickers, websites …

Other services

… data editing, document editing/creation, English ↔ German translations, logo design, map drawing, photo editing, proofreading, spreadsheet editing/creation, word processing …

If you require any of the above products or services please contact me.

Why choose Skylark Design?

I endeavour to always do my best, to deliver high-quality work, on time and at competitive rates. With any job or project, my approach is customer-focused; my intention is to deliver a product or service that works for you. My clients’ satisfaction is my priority.

Who is Markus Baumann?

For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed creating things. As a child I created my own teddy bear world, complete with apartments, shops, cars, trains, aeroplanes, gondolas—you name it—all made of Lego, Meccano or simply wood.

When I was a bit older, Dad and I began building a rather large electric model train layout. Electricity fascinated me; making train engines move, controlling signals, switching relays and turnouts. Later, when personal computers became available, I became interested in computer programming and electronics, and soon our model trains were computer controlled.

In my working life I gained insights in a variety of industries including railways (yes, the “real, big ones”), plastic manufacturing, CNC machining, sales & distribution, retail, toys & board games, pipfruit, transport logistics, and precision testing machinery. Most positions I held had a creative aspect, which made my work interesting.

I still remember the day—in the late 1980s—when I was introduced to desktop publishing, and a software called Aldus© PageMaker©. At the time my job involved creating fact sheets and brochures for synthetic polymers, and initially my only tool was Microsoft Word, which was far from ideal. Luckily Aldus PageMaker came to the rescue, and from one day to the next, anything seemed possible in my world of publishing.

Then Adobe© InDesign© came along, a desktop publisher’s dream! It quickly became my main work tool—along with Adobe© Photoshop© and CorelDRAW©—in a number of occupations, as well as for some freelance work on the side.

As my freelance work increased, I decided to start my own business as a freelance graphic designer. That was back in 2001, and I’ve never looked back!

Let’s fast forward to the present day

I still love graphic design, and enjoy the multifaceted jobs I get to do, and various projects I get to be part of.

Outside work, the outdoors are a big part of my life, whether it is spending time in my garden, riding my bike, or doing photography.

And yes, I’m still fond of teddy bears, a true arctophile beyond remedy.

Why the name Skylark Design?

“Why Skylark,” is a question I get asked often.

Named after the Eurasian skylark, Alauda arvensis, an inconspicuous bird that is well known for its chirping, trilling song, while hovering high in the skies. Where I live, skylarks are frequent visitors, and the males’ rhapsodies can always be heard during the summer months, a sound that makes me feel at home, so much so to make its name part of my business name.

To see and hear a skylark, watch the following YouTube clip by Wildlife World:

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